February 26, 2006 - Msg 386: Thank You Don Knotts, I still watch The Andy Griffith Show and I know whats going to happen. But I still find myself laughing my head off. Barney Fife was a classic along with the rest of the cast. RIP PEACE DON/BARNEY Frank, Providence RI

February 26, 2006 - Msg 387: We loved to hear Don in Max Lucado's Hermie. Such a gentle soul. Liked by everyone. Our prayers are with family and close friends.
jeff and tami
Cape Coral, Fl

February 26, 2006 - Msg 388: What a truly great and inspiring man. He was just spectacular in every role he played. We will truly miss him. Everlasting prayers for his family.

Alice, Kentucky

February 26, 2006 - Msg 389: The legend himself will never be forgotten! The best actor of all time has gone on to meet his maker. A sad day for all! May God be with his family and all of his close friends. "Barney" you will be truly missed by all your fans.

Columbus, Ohio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 390: I live in Canada. It was interesting to watch how the news of Mr. Knotts' death became a bigger and bigger story as the day progressed. First it was just part of the news ticker, then it became just newsworthy enough to be mentioned by the newscasters. By the end of the night Don Knotts' death was a top story, rivalling what was happening at the Olympics and other world events. Obviously Do Knotts was as beloved here in Canada as he was in the United States. Well done, sir. Rest in peace.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 391: To Barn......10-4!

February 26, 2006 - Msg 392: Who could of played Barney the way Don Knotts did ? I think no one. RIP Don and thanks for the laughs.

JazzBill in Chicago



February 26, 2006 - Msg 394: What a great actor and another gentleman has left us from the Greatest Generation.

Joe in WV

February 26, 2006 - Msg 395: An Icon is gone. We will miss you but never forget you. You are and forever will be a part of the American fabric. We are blessed to have been a part of Barney Fife. Heaven will never be the same with the arrival of Barney. Thanks for the memories......

Richard, Germantown, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 396: Don....Rest in Peace!
"Barney" Rest in Peace in the Mayberry Cemetary!

February 26, 2006 - Msg 397: "Good Bye, Mr Limpett!"

February 26, 2006 - Msg 398: I was not born in Mayberry, But I grew up in Mayberry! And you made it safe for me and millions of other kids that "played with Opie!"

Michael C.
Valdosta, GA.......a Mayberry kind of town!

February 26, 2006 - Msg 399: RIP Don, and thanks for the laughs.

Dennis Fung

February 26, 2006 - Msg 400: Good-bye dear Don your 8x10 photo will remain on my wall forever you taught myself and my sons what a real man should be.RIP

February 26, 2006 - Msg 401: Feel free to join my forum at www.thearmstrongssite.com where I have a open forum for Barney fans.



P.S. if enough join, I may make a forum page of it's own for all fans.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 402: What can you say about a great actor like Don Knotts? I think that there is plenty as is shown on this website. The Andy Griffith show was the greatest television show in history. Don Knotts was a big part of that. He played one of the greatest characters on TV in Barney Fife. I am saddened to hear of his death. Fans will dearly miss his great personality on television. Thanks for all the laughs. God bless you, Don.

Richmond, KY

February 26, 2006 - Msg 403: Don, you were the reason I went into law enforcement! Dave (zip)Morse

February 26, 2006 - Msg 404: As a "Baby Boomer" I grew up with the show and with Barney's passing, a part of my childhood has also passed. Barney was truly a memorable character. I will always remember your "bullet", Barn.
Thanks for the wonderful childhood!

Bob, Ohio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 405: An important part of my childhood has passed on. He will truly be missed. There are very few comedians these days that can even approach his caliber of comedy. A truly funny man. RIP Don...RW Hadley, MA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 406: It's like losing a family member everytime one of The Andy Griffith Show's members passes away. Our prayers and sympathy go to Don's family around the world.

Chris Jessie,
Program Director - WHSX Radio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 407: Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Knotts. He was a true genius of comedy, who has brought - and will continue to bring - laughter to the world. Thanks for the memories Barn!

Tony in Southern Illinois

February 26, 2006 - Msg 408: Don Knotts as Barney Fife has been part of my life as far back as my memory goes. He was, without a doubt, the greatest, and most loved by everybody. There will never be another like him.
Trisha in VA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 409: What a guy. Hope to see you someday. God bless.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 410: To Mr. Knotts. God Bless and keep you in Heaven. My prayers to his family and Mr. and Mrs. Griffith. Bob Craig, Woodbury, Tn.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 411: Even with dozens of stars, Don stole the show in "It's 'a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"

February 26, 2006 - Msg 412: Truly sad news. Since it's Sunday, I think I'll go uptown and get me a bottle of pop in his honor. Rest In Peace.
Jay in MN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 413: I guess God needed a Deputy Sheriff up in heaven and called upon Don Knotts. God could not have picked a better law enforcement officer.

Rest in peace Don Knotts. You have fulfilled God's mission on earth. Your fans thank you.

And as a former law enforcement officer myself, I salute you.

Poor Horatio (from The Front Porch)

February 26, 2006 - Msg 414: Thank you Don Knotts, for giving three generations wholesome comedy and belly splitting laughs! You will live on long after we are all gone. Karen in Brimfield, MA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 415: Don Knotts made the Andy Griffith Show one of the best all time comedies ever. His facial expressions were his trademark, and I have spent many a night watching those reruns with an ear to ear grin. A true gem indeed. Thanks for the laughs Don!
Charlotte, NC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 416: The right words to say good-by to you will ever be fleeting. You will live forever in heaven and here on earth, you will always be remembered.
H. Harvey, Fellow West Virginia Mountaineer
Over and Out. 10-4

February 26, 2006 - Msg 417: Don was #1 in my heart you will be missed
Rev. Greg Kellar

February 26, 2006 - Msg 418: Don, thanks for the laughs. You have been with us in our living room so much its just like you were part of the family.
Dennis+Christy Lakeport Ca.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 419: I grew up loving the Mayberry community and citizens. And while my kids were growing up we watched those wonderful people almost every night while eating dinner. There will never, ever be another Don Knotts. He has been loved by all his many fans as well by his family, friends and 'Mayberry' family. How we will miss you 'Barney'. Extending deepest sympathy to Andy and the rest of his family & friends.

A forever fan,
Fairhope, AL

February 26, 2006 - Msg 420: I wiil miss you Don you can now sing with the best of angels in the Lord's choir Jack Monroe Michigan

February 26, 2006 - Msg 421: Thank you Don Knotts. You made the world a more beautiful, friendly and gentler place. When we sit on our porch this summer and say "Yup Andge, Yup Barn" it will be with a tear in the eye.
Fischbachs, NYC and Chestertown NY

February 26, 2006 - Msg 422: Hearing of Mr. Knott's death was the first time I've shed a tear for a celebrity's passing. The Andy Griffith Show was hands down the best show on TV ever ... an ensemble cast yes, but can you imagine that ensemble without Barn? Deepest sympathy to Mr. Knott's family and friends.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 423: Thanks for the Memories! As someone said you will always be remembered.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 424: Simply a one-of-a-kind talent. While we bow our heads in memory, let's also throw in a tape or DVD and share a laugh with Barney/Don Knotts. I'm quite certain that's what would make him happiest - to hear and see the profound joy and pleasure that he brought to us all.
You meant alot to me, Don. Thanks for everything.
Scott Lesher
San Bruno, California

February 26, 2006 - Msg 425: There will never be another like him. I am so thankful to have all the re-runs. God bless him. And God bless you, Andy Griffith, in this time of sorrow.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 426: We feel like we have lost a dear friend, even though we never met Don Knotts in person. We are so grateful for the way he shared his talent with all of us and we are thankful to have DVDs so we can watch him for years to come. The Youngs. Roseville, California

February 26, 2006 - Msg 427: Don is gone now and I am so sad. I am a 55 year old retired school teacher in OR, raised in SB, CA. The Three people I dreaded losing were Bill Hope, Don Knotts and Tim Conway. I can't put into words what actors like they put into this world. It is never fully recognized but what they do in bringing us such good and wholesome laughs, it feeds the soul, even when we don't know it. Their value is beyond words and when they leave this world, and the world grows more evil, it is huge loss of the more innocent fun days. I own the AppleDumpling Gang and bought it as an adult. Just thinking of it makes me laugh with also tears streaming down my face. So Don, and family, thank you more than words can say, for helping our world in such a huge way. You can never be replaced. Thanks goodness we have you on film. Your fan, Wendy

February 26, 2006 - Msg 428: He's not gone he is just on patrol and sometimnes he still will stop by the court house or Floyd's. Don you will be missed, you brought some sanity into a insane world. Goodbye my friend.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 429: It seems like each and every day holds an opportunity to quote "'ol Barn". It's a sad day indeed for those left on earth who loved him, but a happy day in the real Mayberry in Heaven. He's up there now "just runnin' the waitin' room" for all of us when we see him again.

Condolences to is children, Francine and those closest to him.
Rest in peace "Barney the Beast". We will miss you.

Carolyn in Nebraska

February 26, 2006 - Msg 430: You were a loving part of my childhood, Don. No one did it better.

Rest in peace, brother. May we see you on the other side.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 431: As Barney would say, "Do the tears on your pillow bespeak the pain that is in your heart?"


Don Knotts...what an American treasure.

The Muckelroys
Frankfort, KY

February 26, 2006 - Msg 432: I remember Don on the old Steve Allen show, doing the "man on the street" skits with Tom Posten and others, through the years in Mayberry, 3's Company, Matlock and all the other ways in which he shared himself with us.

His friendships over the years, with Andy Griffith and others, are a model we can all aspire to.

Thank you for all the smiles, the hearty laughs, the tears and the times when we all felt we were in your shoes!

Rest in peace.

Kathy Jo in Michigan

February 26, 2006 - Msg 433: Don...Thanks for the memories. These are the memories which invoke the memories of other good friends who are no longer with us, and a more gentle and kind world.
Rest in Peace Brother.

Scotty Ray,
Delta Junction, AK

February 26, 2006 - Msg 434: You were a master at what you did Mr. Knotts. Thank goodness we still have all the reruns of the AGS to enjoy! You will be greatly missed.

Lauri in Virginia

February 26, 2006 - Msg 435: I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show. To me it is one of those shows that takes you back to a simpler time. Just pure, true comedy/ entertainment, served up in a form that is rarely seen these days.
"Here at the ROCK, we have two rules:
The first rule is, no writing on the jail cell walls.
The second rule is, Obey all rules".
One of the Greats!

Thoughts and Prayers are with you and family.
Rich in Massachusetts

February 26, 2006 - Msg 436: Thanks for the laughs; you will be sorely missed back home.

Sara in West Virginia


February 26, 2006 - Msg 438: Thank you, Mr.Knotts for entertaining us all these years! A true professional and gentleman in all respects!
Burr Ridge, IL

February 26, 2006 - Msg 439: Mayberry unit number one.. over and under. TAGS is the best show ever. There will never be another show like it. Thanks Don "Barney"!

February 26, 2006 - Msg 440: Thank you....we still watch you every night. ill the greatest fictional character of all time.

Van Wert, Ohio


February 26, 2006 - Msg 442: ..Usually don't cry unless it's immediate family....Maybe it was.....Goodbye Barn...

Iuka, MS

February 26, 2006 - Msg 443: Don Knotts (Barney) You will always be in our hearts. You made Barney so much fun to watch.
Andy and Barney together what a team. You will
be missed. I loved you in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. That a boy Luther!
Dennis & Debbie, Knoxville, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 444: You were more than a "good son, Barn." You did more than "try." You were a national treasure.
The corner room here at the Y will never be the same.... Vickie in Raleigh NC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 445: The world became a little less goofier with Don's passing...how sad.

Los Angeles, California

February 26, 2006 - Msg 446: I am so sad to hear of Mr Knotts passing. It is hard to say goodby to "America's Favorite Deputy".He will live on in reruns and in our hearts.
Wilber Godsey
Mt Pleasant, Ms

February 26, 2006 - Msg 447: My father was a strict Roman Catholic and I cannot renember him ever cursing. So there wasn't Many shows he watched. But one of greatest memories of my father was to watch him laugh till tears filled his eyes watching Barney.God bless you Don, and say hello to my Dad.Brian Mullen Stewartstown Pa.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 448: I was shocked. When I heard/saw that Don Knotts died. Watching him on The Andy Griffith Show, was great. He is the reason why the The Andy Griffith Show is what it is today. Don was very funny in all his movies. My favorite one is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 449: To Barn - "Over and out."

Pat - Brownsburg IN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 450: You will always live on as our beloved Barney. Thank you for all the laughs and wonderful entertainment you have provided for our family over the years. We shall miss you. Nip it, nip it in the bud.

The Supplees

February 26, 2006 - Msg 451: With all the comedic moments stored in my memory, Andy and Barney make up by far the most. They have no equivalent.
Not just as Barney but all roles he played, he was hilarious. I was fortunate enough to grow up with Mayberry and it has contributed morally to who I am today. I hope to pass it on to my kids. Don was a huge part of that and for that, I am eternally thankful. My thoughts are with Andy and all Donís friends and family.

May God Bless and keep you Barní and Godspeed.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 452: Thank you for letting all of us remember it is ok to laugh and to laugh at ourselves. May you rest in peace. May God carry you safely home.

Weston Fl

February 26, 2006 - Msg 453: When I think of Don Knotts, I think of the opening and closing whistleing of the show. Homw sick when I was a kid. We all long for a little bit of "Mayberry" in our lives. Mark Plymouth, Mn.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 454: Don, we will truly miss you. It feels as though part of our heart has been taken away. For many years you made us laugh and now we are crying. Thank you for all that you have done. God Bless You.

Goodbye dear friend.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 455: It is a tribute to the man that has inspired so many, he was truely a "treasuh" that will be missed. Prayers & condolences to the Knotts family & all his Mayberry family as well. Thank you Don for all the years of laughter!
*Mavis from the VA side of the Front Porch

February 26, 2006 - Msg 456: The citizens of mayberry are empty inside.
He was such a true ICON.
God Bless You!


February 26, 2006 - Msg 457: I started watching reruns of TAGS in 1972, 5 nights a week on a local tv station. This was the pre-vhs era and so I used to set up my dad's reel-to-reel tape recorder and tape it so I could save it and play it back whenever I wanted and the exchanges brtween andy and barney were the greatest! I walked around saying "NIP IT, NIP IT, NIP IT IN THE BUD!" Thank you to Don Knotts for being Barney Fife, one of my all time favs!

February 26, 2006 - Msg 458: Thank you fo richly blessing my childhood.

Poteau, Oklahoma

February 26, 2006 - Msg 459: Don Knotts' Barney character was without a doubt the greatest TV role of all time. Any episode of "Andy Griffith" that featured Barney is a classic. From hiring extra deputies, singing in the choir, 'them dogs', 'pow pow pow' it was all incredible. It is avery sad day but in the age of TV and DVDs, he will live forever. I just hope that when I die I go to a place called Mayberry and Barney is there to stop me from making a u-turn in the middle of the street. That would truly be heaven to me.

Rest in peace, Don. you will always be the greatest. I hope some day I'll see you again down at the ole' fishin' hole.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 460: Mr. knotts I have laughed at everything you have done. You was missed as soon as you left. May you R.I.P. and may GOD BLESS you funny man. Pete Gantt White House Tn.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 461: We have always loved Don in Andy Griffith Show, he will be sorely missed, but we will always watch him on T.V. Prayers are with his family.
Janet & Chuck, Rochester New York

February 26, 2006 - Msg 462: a legendary icon has just left us..barney fife is the greatest tv character ever!..

February 26, 2006 - Msg 463: Thank you Mr. Knotts for the laughter you brought to millions of people.You made Barney Fife the most lovable TV character of all time. Your passing brought tears to my eyes. May God bless your family.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 464: I met ol Barn a couple of years ago. I got my picture taken with him and his autograph. It was a thrill that I proudly hang up in my home. We will miss you. Rest In Peace.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 465: Yes, Barney is probably patrolling the streets paved with gold as we speak, bottom lip pushed out, hands on his hips, saying "it's a jungle up here, heaven NEEDS me so let's nip this in the bud!" Just think, now he'll get to eat Aunt Bea's cooking again when that clock in his stomach goes off. I wonder if there's a phone in heaven so he can call Juanita? At least now Andy can't sneak up on him in a "private nita, Juaaanita moment". God Bless you Don for being such a huge part of mine and my children's lives. I just can't imagine what tv would be like had the Andy Griffith show never had been. Even Don's movies wouldn't have made him so memorable. He will always be Barney Fife (I think they should even inscribe that on his gravestone somewhere) Or maybe they should inscribe "Nip it in the Bud". Whatever, the world will have an empty spot now but heaven will be laughing! Rest in Peace.....
Atlanta, GA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 466: With incredible sadness I say farewell to Don Knotts. Your warmth and decency in presenting a lovable character will always live on and be your legacy to us all.

Ruth, Missouri

February 26, 2006 - Msg 467: Deputy Fife is now "reporting for duty" in a far greater place! I still watch The Andy Griffith show on a daily basis and what is really neat is that my 11 year old son watches it with me. "Barn"I extend my sympathies to your family.
Thanks for the memories.
Kelly .........sioux Falls, s.d.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 469: rest in Peace, what you gave to the world is something that we can never repay you for.
But I shall aways remember you everytime I watch the Andy Griffith show.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 470: Thanks for the Laughter for all these years. You will never be forgotten!! Gregg Sidney,Ohio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 471: Don Knotts has been a part of our home for many years. My grandparents introduced hom to me when I was quite young. Don was required watching at my home.
My 7 year old has discovered his comedy so there will be lots more don Knotts viewed in this household. We will miss you. May god bless.

Earl,Nikki, and Dylan Ironton Ohio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 472: Thank you Mr Knotts for the laughter you brought to millions of people.You will be missed. Our prayers are with family and close friends. Dug from Westchester Ny.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 473: Thank you Barney for making us all feel safe in our streets. You reminded us all how good and simple life can be. This world is truly a smaller place with you gone. God bless you and keep you. "over and out"

Centreville, MD

February 26, 2006 - Msg 474: Thanks Don Knotts for the many laughs you've provided and for the many more that we will continue to share. God blessed you with incredible talent, a great gift. Fortunately for us, we can share your gift forever. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your work. Our condolences go out to your family. May you rest in peace.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 475: Mr. Knotts (Barney), thank you for the many happy moments you have made in our lives. I have laughed with you for 40 years. We will all miss you. I have an autographed photo of you in my office at work. Rest in peace. Stan, Alabama

February 26, 2006 - Msg 476: With a heavy tear in my eye, yet a grand joy in my heart, I bid you farewall Mr Knotts. It's hard to express my affections for you. Let's just say you taught me how to "OutFox a Fox". For that, I thank you. God Bless, Good Luck & God Speed.
Denver Colorado
10 AM Feb 26th.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 477: I was truely saddened when I heard the news this morning. I, like most of you, grew up watching Mayberry as a small child. Barney, even though you played second fiddle to Andy on the Show, your presence was surely noted and yes you made it more enjoyable for everone. So at this time, take that bullet out of your pocket friend, you will not need it in heaven. Steve North Carolina

February 26, 2006 - Msg 478: Thank you, Don.
Our prayers to your immediate family and your extended Mayberry family.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 479: I'm crying right now...honest to God. I didn't even realize he meant that much to me.
Turlock, Ca.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 480: RIP. May God keep you with him as you keep him laughing, as you did his poor souls on earth.
We will miss you. My thoughts are with his family and friends.G'night Barn.
Barbara and Carl, Holden, MA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 481: I just found out the news last night. Don Knotts is going to be sorely missed. I met you at Opryland Hotel one time along with Thelma Lou, Ernest T and countless others. You gave me an autograph and said hello to me and I will always treasure that moment. You touched my life in many ways, and I will miss you. I know you are in a better place where there is no pain now. My thoughts and prayers go out you your wife and family.

Jeff, Humboldt,Tennessee

February 26, 2006 - Msg 482: The world has lost the best character actor of all time. He can never be replaced. I'm heartbroken...

Charlotte, NC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 483: February 26, 2006 - Msg.480: My husband and I watch the "The Andy Griffiths Show" every day, and we loved Barney Fife (Don Knotts) as a member of our family. We were so saddened by his death. He was a talented star who will always be remembered. Camden, S. C.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 484: when I think of classic tv characters I think of Barney Fife. May he forever "nip in the bud"

February 26, 2006 - Msg 485: "Boy giraffes sure are selfish"(dogs,dogs,dogs)as heaven cracks up---nothing on tv today could ever hang with that show--many tahnks


February 26, 2006 - Msg 486: "We shall weep, for we shall miss him... there will be one empty chair. We shall linger to caress him....as we breathe our evening prayer."
Vickie in Raleigh NC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 487: May God rest the joyful soul of Don Knotts. While our smiles may currently turn to frowns, as we contemplate his wonderful character and abilities--we will smile again. RIP Don Knotts.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 488: No one lives forever but you'll come close, Don Knotts, because your work will be cherished for generations to come. Atta boy, Roy!

Vancouver USA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 489: It was nice to hear that Andy was one of the last people to visit with him in the hospital and for him to say how much he loved Don as a person. That true friendship came through in the episodes. One in particular that comes to mind is "The Class Reunion" where, in the epilog, Barney is talking to Andy about how sad it is to see all of their friends growing old. The expressions on their faces couldn't be "acted"; it took two friends to do that.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 490: Don, you were one fabulous actor! Loved and liked by all not only on stage in character, but off stage as yourself. You are gone from this earth, but will never be forgotten.

Love and prayes to all the family and friends who are now going through the personal loss of Don. may you find much strength and love in the weeks to come as you say farewell. May God grant you all Peace.

P. Simpson Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 491: Hey Don,

Your passing left a little hole in my life. I think it will be there for a long time.

Augusta, GA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 492: After a hard day at work,it is always a pleasure to end my evening with a rerun of The Andy Griffith Show . Don Knotts was and always will be one of my favorite actors. You are trully one of the greatest comedians to have touched so many lifes, when a little laughter can be so hard to come by. Thank you and Rest In Peace. Gary and all your fans in Minnesota

February 26, 2006 - Msg 493: Mr. Knotts I am just one of your millions of fans who has a heavy heart after hearing of your passing.
You as well as all of the cast of TAGS will be missed. Only once in a life time does a TV show come along that can give you a good laugh and warm your heart at the same time.
Thanks for coming into our livingrooms during these many years and entertaining us so much. You as well as the many actors from TAGS who have gone into eternity will never be forgotten.
God be with you.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 494: Don Knotts & Andy Griffith were amoung our most favorite actors. The movies and tv series were very intertaining and will be sadly missed by our family and many, many more people than ever could be imagined. Rest in peace. From the Fromenthal Family in Louisiana.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 495: Thanks Don for letting those of us growing up in the city see what life in a small town was like.Once again, Thanks for the memories. Steve S. Memphis

February 26, 2006 - Msg 496: I can't remember life without you. I grew up in the 60's and you and Andy were always there. My parents got such a kick out of Barney Fife...you will always be in my heart and thank you Mr. Knotts for all the laughter. You are my Mr. Limpett, too, my childhood hero. Rest in peace, may the angels be by your side.

Elizabeth Casillas-Stergiou

February 26, 2006 - Msg 497: I was eleven years old when The Andy Griffith Show debuted. I grew up watching Don Knotts playing his incredible role of Barney Fife. Now my children are watching the shows on DVD. So Don will live forever in those shows. R.I.P.
Jim Capaldi, Springfield, PA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 498: A true legend has left this world! I know Barney will keep God and everyone in heaven laughing just as he does here. My prayers go out to his family and close friends.
I read that Andy Griffith was at his bedside as Barney passed away! Very touching!

Barney, thanks for all the memories!Your fans will continue to laugh into the future by watching your reruns!
You have touched my life and your talent allows me to "get away" from the hectic work world we all experience for thirty minutes each night.

Fayetteville, AR

February 26, 2006 - Msg 499: Barney was perhaps the greatest character in TV history. The timing, the facial expressions, the depth of the personality...what a treasure Don Knotts left us with. Jerry M. Santee, CA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 500: we Will miss you Barney. you where a great man...

February 26, 2006 - Msg 501: Don Knotts was one of the all-timers. The Andy Griffith Show is the only show I can watch over and over again, and Barney Fife is a huge part of that. Thanks Don, rest in peace.
W Melbourne Fl

February 26, 2006 - Msg 502: My son called me last night to tell me about Don Knotts. He knew I would want to know because our family has always been a huge fan of TAGS. The other day as my husband and I watched an episode (as usual), I said, Won't it be sad when we lose either Barney or Andy? I did not know it would happen so soon. We are very upset. There is a restaurant about 45 minutes from our home here in Indiana, called The Mayberry Cafe. They have a replica of the squad car sitting out front and I took a picture of my husband standing in front of it. About 5 yrs ago, I had major surgery and my husband went down to the hospital gift shop and returned with The Andy Griffith Show Trivia game. Here I was lying in my hospital bed and my husband was asking me trivia questions from one of our favorite shows to help pass the time. I think my neighbor is even a bigger fan than us and that is saying a lot. We called him to give him the news. We are all devastated. Rest in Peace, Barn. Our sympathy to friends and family.
Steve and Judy, Indpls, In.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 503: Thank God for Don and Barney and all his other characters. I love them all. Prayers for his family. See you when I get there.
In Jesus, Cynthia
Knoxville, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 504: You lived a life being loved so deeply by so many and that is the true measure of a man. None have been more loved in their life than you and I'm glad you spent nearly your entire life being loved by so many. You deserved it. We'll all miss you and love you forever in our hearts.

(aka Miss Lukens)

February 26, 2006 - Msg 505: As a kid growing up in St. Paul, it was "against the law" to miss an episode at our house. Even to this day, my folks, myself, and especially my little brother, hold the show and you Don, in the highest esteem. The countless laughs you brought to us will be with us forever. I think one of the things that probably pulled all of us to the show apart from the tremendous humor, was that maybe we all secretly wished we were from or lived in a place as simple and as peaceful as Mayberry. And even though we all knew that this day would come, (sadly) I can't believe how choked up I am now that it is here. But then again I can believe it, the cast was great to the point that they had the ability to become family. Even though Don wasn't in this particular episode, I can hear the Darlin's and Andy singing "Salty Dog" right now... This is a truly sad day for anyone who ever watched the greatest show in the history of Television. A great, treasured and irreplaceable part of Americana has just left us....
Marc Elliott Springfield, IL

February 26, 2006 - Msg 506: Don made my evenings as watching the Andy Griffth show helped me wind down from a day at work. The people in Mayberry lived life as it should be! Thanks for all the great memories. Jack

February 26, 2006 - Msg 507: I have lost a friend...and heaven has a deputy. Goodbye Barney and thanks for the memories!

MC Ripley , Ohio

February 26, 2006 - Msg 508: Don Knotts was a reminder of how great we were, what a guy! I loved watching Mr. Knotts on the Andy Griffith Show. I would think to myself that I would love to live in a simple place like Mayburry. Don Knotts is the best and will live on thru that show. Don't forget.
Fayetteville, AR

February 26, 2006 - Msg 509: I'm sorry to hear about "Barney Fife". He was a character. He will best be remembered as Barney Fife off of "The Andy Griffith Show". It should be called "The Barney Show" or "The Don Knotts Show". Thank-You Don Knotts for making History!
Miss You! Your Fan, Caleb Hagwood Durham, NC.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 510: This is a sad day for all of us who have enjoyed your work over the years. I know it is much harder for your family. May God bless you and your family. We already miss you. Don, Birmingham, Alabama

February 26, 2006 - Msg 511: RIP Don, watching you has brought me so much joy and laughter over the years. Thanks so very, very much! My prayers go out to you and you family and all those who loved you.

Kevin Z,Baltimore, MD

February 26, 2006 - Msg 512: I am originally from Venezuela and back in the late 80's I was introduced to the Andy Griffith
and since then I have watched re-runs and Don Knotts really made me laugh and made me feel good.. Don Knotts God Bless You, God and Jesus Christ will have a great time now that Don is in Heaven. God Bless your Soul and made laugh everyone in the heavens..

February 26, 2006 - Msg 513: There was only one Barney Fife and that was Don Knotts no one else could have play that part of Barney Fife except Don Knott he was best actor to play with Andy Griffith. Thanks for the memories Don Barney Fife Knotts RIP.

Mckinney South Carolina

February 26, 2006 - Msg 514: Watching a Don Knotts performance as Barney would bring a smile and provide a little escape from reality, even on the toughest of days. His talent was a blessing to millions. RIP, Barn. We will miss you.
Little Rock, AR

February 26, 2006 - Msg 515: I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and now my son watches it with me. His favorite character is Barney. Don Knotts brought the character to life and that character will survive forever. Thank you Don for bringing Barney to life. You will always be with us. Don't forget to tell God to Nip It in the Bud:-)

February 26, 2006 - Msg 516: As an entertainer, I have learned so much from Don's comedic timing and physical antics. This is the passing of a true legend, and he has brought countless smiles to me and my family. May God bless and comfort his family and friends during this time of loss and grief.
Carey -- Granbury, Texas

February 26, 2006 - Msg 517: My badge will be draped for you Mr. Knotts because you are one of the reason I chose law enforcement as a career. You were a good hearted man and I will never forget you and I will see to it that my children never forget you.
You are gone but not forgotten.
Rob R, VA Beach

February 26, 2006 - Msg 518: The character "Barney Fife" aka Don Knotts will forever be in our hearts. He will always be remembered as a good hearted soul and wonderful actor. May God bless his friends and family. Thanks for memories of a kinder and gentler time. Sherri, Memphis, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 519: Very sad day. Thank you for the goodness that you have left behind.

Fort Wayne, IN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 520: Don made the world a little nicer place to live. And will for many years to come. Best wishes and god bless all his family and friends. Dan , Pittsburgh PA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 521: Don's contribution to the early days of television, is immeasurable. But don't cry for the loss of Don, as that would be a betrayal to the man, who most wished to amuse us.

Markglicker Arizona

February 26, 2006 - Msg 522: Our hearts are heavy with your passing. Yet you have left behind wonderful laughter, qibs that will live forever, and memories to last through our lifetime. You may have felt like a small movie character, but was a giant in encouraging even the smallest person to be their best. Thanks for all the moments of laughter in movies, shows, plays, guest appearances, and your website. I hope you will be laid to rest with one bullet in your pocket and your "badge". You will live on..............
Suzanne, Georgia

February 26, 2006 - Msg 523: Thank you Don Knotts for all the years of laughter
you brought into my life!Brian Rothschild Wis.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 524: Dearest Don~~~ A gentleman always knows when to "nip it in the bud"... and YOU were truly a gentleman... Peace the stork out In HIS Holy Hands, Traci and Family, Knoxville, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 525: It's a sad day in Mayberry, but what a happier place heaven is today. I imagine that Barney was welcomed by Mayor Pike, Ben Weaver, Helen Crump, the Fun Girls, Otis Campbell and the rest of our favorite Mayberryites who preceded him thru the gates of Heaven. Alan-Marion,IN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 526: It takes someone very special to create a character so loved that it stands the test of time. Don Knotts was that special somone, and the character was Barney Fife. Im sure my kids, kids will be watching Don for many years with a smile on their faces.

Say hi to Aunt Bea for me and stay away from the pickles. :)

Phelan Ca

February 26, 2006 - Msg 527: I can remember watching The Andy Griffith Show as a child growing up. It was so real, that I found myself looking at a map of North Carolina to see where Mayberry actually was in relation to South Carolina where I grew up.
Even today, Mayberry still seems "real" and the characters that starred,especially Andy and Don will always remain in our hearts forever.
God Bless you Don.Barney Fife will always be a part of America.
Don D.-Simpsonville, SC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 528: I have watched the Andy Griffith show since I could watch T.V. I have always liked Don Knotts
and his roles on T.V. he will always hold a special spot in my heart forever. I still laugh at all of his T.V.show's. He will be Missed ALOT.
My thought and prayers are with Don and his family.

Tim And Christopher

February 26, 2006 - Msg 529: What is there to say? A wonderful man and actor is gone from our midst and the world is a sadder place without him. He has left a legacy not only through his role as Barney Fife but as a man. Thank you Don for being such a large part of my life.
Lexington, SC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 530: Rest in peace Don. I watch the Andy Griffith Show almost daily still smiling and laughing out loud at Barney's antics. He definitely made the show.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 531: Barney Fife was a composite of all of us, in one way or another. We all try and fail, we're often not as brave as we wish we were, we have our little weaknesses and fears, we all jump to conclusions at times, we gossip and cause trouble, but most of the time, we're loyal to our friends and families and we try very hard to do right. Barney was all that, and more. (b>Don Knotts held a magnifying glass up to all of us, and the image he saw became Barney Fife.

Rest in peace, Don. You were loved by millions.

Lanni in Texas

February 26, 2006 - Msg 532: Thanks for all the laughs. You have been a big part of my life, even though you didn't know it. Rest in peace. Prayers for the family.

Pam Coward
Ramseur, NC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 533: When the world was cold, and you needed just a break from it all, there was always Mayberry to turn to. Don made you forget your troubles for a half an hour with his comedic brilliance with the Barney Fife charachter. Don, I thank you for making me and my family laugh for many years, and many more to come. Rest in peace my friend.
Luke, New York

February 26, 2006 - Msg 534: a one of a kind character. there'll never be a another Barney Fife.Don was a comic genius.Thanks for all the laughs. Marty K.Huntingdon Valley,Pa.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 535: As long as I live, I will never forget Barney Fife. No on else in the world could have done that role justice. That is what I will most remember him for, but I loved him in every role he ever played. You will be missed dearly

February 26, 2006 - Msg 536: Eleanora Poultice was right: Barney was a great big bundle of singing talent. How I wish I could hear him sing today!

Moss Point, Miss.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 537: Thanks for the laughs. You are one of the all time greats. Rest in Peace! My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
Vinny B.
North Carolina

February 26, 2006 - Msg 538: We Loved Him.
'atta boy, Luther!
- Acts 16:31

February 26, 2006 - Msg 539: To a great actor and man. He will be greatly missed. I'm sure the heavens are a safer place now. Godspeed Deputy Barney Fife

February 26, 2006 - Msg 540: God Bless you Don Knotts! Your talent brought
so much laughter into our lives. Our prayers
to your family.
Fort Mill SC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 541: My all-time favorite was the great Barney Fife aka Don Knotts. Thank you so much for all the laughs and good times over the years. I grew up with you and will grow old with you, thanks again,
Rick-St,. Louis, Mo.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 542: Some tears have fallen in my house this weekend. Don has filled many empty hours for me with laughter and wholesome entertainment. No words can do justice, but my heartfelt sympathies to his family, the cast of the show that were blessed to work with him, and the extended Mayberry community.
Terry Loftis "Therapetic"
Mt. Washington, KY

February 26, 2006 - Msg 543: On average, I have watched Don Knotts at least once a week since 1968. I'm 43 and he's still just as important to my life. I have a baby now & I hope she enjoys Mr. Knotts as much as everyone writing here today. Our prayers are with his family and friends.

Ken Stewart
Gilmer, Texas

February 26, 2006 - Msg 544: My son looked at me yesterday with disbelief as tears
came to my eyes over Don's passing. I don't expect
his generation to understand what I feel about Don
or about Mayberry or all that it represents.

This wasn't just a television show to me. It was a
rock of decency and a way of life that I have held onto
now for over 40 years. It was the last of its kind.
A wonderful memory of what American life was and what
it should be even now.

Barney was idealistic, flawed, irritating, lovable, proud,
vulnerable and yet totally transparent.

I loved him. And I miss him greatly.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 545: 'Comic Genius' is a term that is highly over used. When you watched TAGS, you often forgot that Barney was a character and felt like you knew him. I think that Don Knotts created the greatest comedic TV character of all time. He was a true comic genius. When we heard the news of his passing, many of us felt as though we had lost a friend and not just an actor. RIP Don.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 546: My heart is broken. I have lost my hero. TAGS is my all-time favorite show, and it was because of Barney. I now watch the show with my children and I pray they will learn the values you helped to portray - which I know were held in your own personal life. You ALWAYS made me laugh.

Dear Friend, May You Rest In Peace.
Candie Wright
Fall Branch, TN

February 26, 2006 - Msg 547: I always will remeber Nip It and loaded goat 10-4 and over barn you bet anything. ken columbia,tn.

February 26, 2006 - Msg 548: Gonna miss 'ya Barn. I am grateful that your memory lives on in my tapes and DVDs, but the world wont be the same without you.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 549: I'm not sure where to begin... My heart is deeply saddened with the news of "Barney" passing away. I grew up with Andy and Barney and as a 40-year-old adult, still I watch the episodes over and over again while sharing them with my own children. Mayberry was a reminder of just how simple and pure things were back in those days and I simply wish my children could have the same today. Barney always makes us laugh! Thank you Don Knotts for your absolute genius role of Barney Fife! God just got himself another "deputy".
Amy B., Lexington, SC

February 26, 2006 - Msg 550: thanks Don..you always made me laugh in bad times and in good times...we will all miss you dearly
Jim Olson...Hutchinson Mn

February 26, 2006 - Msg 551: Gonna miss 'ya Barn. I am grateful that your memory lives on in my tapes and DVDs, but the world wont be the same without you.


February 26, 2006 - Msg 552: What a wonderful comedian, he brought so much joy to people as Barney! My prayers are with his family today. Claudia, Naples, FL

February 26, 2006 - Msg 553: Don Knotts was without a doubt the greatest comidian of alltime, he created the mosted loved tv character ever in the role of Barney Fife, he was and is West Virginia's favorite son. God's speed, my friend, you made all our lives richer, your life was a life well lived, enjoy your reward, you've earned it.

Jeff, West Virginia

February 26, 2006 - Msg 554: I love you Don Knotts! I've laughed so much at your hilarious antics in 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo' and 'The Andy Griffith Show', and I will continue to enjoy your wonderful acting with my dad! Goodbye! I'm glad that you are now going to enjoy a pain-free eternity in heaven.
K Anderson, 12, Utah

February 26, 2006 - Msg 555: There are actors and actresses, but Don Knotts was someone. Numerous generations knew of him, & the world will never be the same again. I will never be the same again. God bless you Mr. Don Knotts, & thank you for everything. :-)

Ethan Sullens
Birmingham, Alabama USA

February 26, 2006 - Msg 556: My family and I watch the Andy Griffith Show every night before bed. There is not a night that goes by that we don't laugh at the funny antics of Barney Fife. It doesn't matter how many times we watch the shows, we still laugh. We have watched them so much that we know some of the words by heart. Our favorite sayings of Barney are "Nip it in the bud", and "He's a nut" (referring to Earnest T. Bass). Our heart is saddened by the loss of such a great comedian. May God bless Don's family and friends.
The Cook family, East Prairie, Mo.