Mayberry Days 96
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Regis!!!Animated Parade photoSaturday morning got off on the right foot with a trip to the Snappy Lunch for a breakfast biscuit before the 6th Annual Mayberry Days Parade. The parade marched down Main Street Mt. Airy. Barney, Ernest T., Floyd and Otis marched along joined by the Potato Queen, Pickle Queen, Aunt Bee, and just about anything Mayberry or Mt. Airy had to offer. Of course the Mayberry Squad Cars were there as was Emmett's Fix-it Shop's pickup truck filled with a load of "Darling Persons" (Doug Dillard and the Band). The slight drizzle didn't dampen anyone's spirit as the parade set the tone to start a great day in Mayberry.

Otis 96Saturday was a day to slow down and take time to talk to all the TAGS fans that had traveled to town. To slow down and get to know one another just a little better because after the parade it wasn't until 3 o'clock that events started heating back up again with the Pie Eating Contest. What a mess!!! I've never seen a man eat so well without his hands before.

The Mayberry Days Flower Show was held behind the Visitors Center. Floyd won the Pansy Division of the Flower Show for the second year in a row. If you're ever in Mt. Airy, be sure to stop by the Visitors Center and have a look around. It's worth a visit.

Neal Brower"Professor" Neal Brower gave a wonderful lecture on how music set the tone for so many scenes of our favorite TAGS episodes. Neal always does a wonderful job giving us insight into the way Mayberry was made to come alive for us in a way that we're not even aware.

Jim ClarkFollowing the lecture was the Annual meeting of "The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club lead by Presiding Goober, Jim Clark. Jim read a listing of all the chapters he's spotted over the course of the Mayberry Days event and out of over 40 he'd missed only 3! I'm continually impressed with Jim's ability to remember so many folks as well as what chapter they represent. Good work Jim. We all thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Chapter reports were given, door prizes were awarded, and a photo of all the chapter leaders was taken while folks enjoyed an Aunt Bee style meal of fried chicken. Mr. & Mrs. Linke were there as special guest of TAGSRWC.

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