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Welcome to the  Home Page of the "Mother Figure" Chapter (Huntsville, AL) & the "Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?" Chapter (Internet) of "The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club (TAGSRWC).

For more information about  the "Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?" online chapter of TAGSRWC, just give a click on it's name.  Go ahead, give it a click.  Don't worry, like water and air, it's free.  We don't make no charge for it.  

Floyd's Barbershop Bulletin Board - Things have really been happening in and around Mayberry lately.  For information on events coming up around Mayberry, check out this calendar of Mayberry events supplied by "The Bullet" .  

6th Annual Mayberry Days - Mt. Airy, N.C. (Hometown of Andy Griffith) Sept. 28th - Sept. 30th

3rd Annual Squad Car Rendezvous  - In case you missed it, here's a report on the event held back in July in Bradford, Ohio (home of Wally's Service Chapter of TAGSRWC).  

TAGS Books and related information - Includes all kinds of information about TAGS books and other books that have to do with folks from our "hometown".

Here's a few more thing that I think you'll enjoy.  I'd like to thank "WBMUTBB?" member, George Miler, for help in coming up with some of these new features.  Thanks George.

Chapter names- Please take a minute to check this out and let me know if your chapter is not listed. I'd like to make this list complete.  Thanks.

Character list - Lists the actor/actress and character name they played.

Episode Titles - The episode title and number.

Songs from TAGS - Songs, poems, and protection from bad omens......

Links to other Mayberry Web Pages

Mayberry, My Home Town

The Andy Griffith Show Home Page

WGN TV, Chicago -  They have some great graphic and sound files that you can download and have for your very own.    WGN also has a bunch of sound files. Check 'em out.  Here's a GIF file example. wgntags.gif

Andy Griffith Show: Its Significance - (Note: This page is a little bit on the Ben Weaver side of TAGS so be warned.)

To Download any of the photos seen in the page plus a few others:

2Floyds.gif (38.5KB) - "Two Floyd's are better than one." Photo is of Allan Newsome (me) as "Floyd" along with a cardboard cut out of the real Floyd, Howard McNear.

barndrs.gif (49KB) - Barney (David Browning) as the "lady Sheriff" during the "Mountain Wedding" held at the Squad Car Rendezvous.

2cast.gif (37.1KB)- Hoke, Keith, Richard and Maggie up at Wally's

GWallys.gif (51.7KB) - David, Maggie, Hoke, Allan, Jim Clark, Keith, and Phil in front of Wally's

sqdcar.gif (43.8KB) - Dave Hollen (dch1@psuvm.psu.edu) sent me this GIF of his squad car.  

wbmutbb.wav (23.4KB) - Here's a sound file that I think you'll like. It's Barney himself sayin'...well, I think you can figure that our yourself.

Allan Newsome (Anewsome@aol.com)
"Mother Figure" Chapter - Huntsville, AL &
"Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?" Chapter - Internet