Here is the entire list of videotapes still available-along with the episodes contained on each tape: (It might be helpful to print this listing for viewing off-line)

We are pleased to offer three Don Knotts movies that have just been released on video for the first time ever "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", "The Love God?" and "The Reluctant Astronaut". You'll find strong Mayberry connections (besides Don Knotts) in all three movies, but particularly in Ghost. When Don Knotts left TAGS, these movies from Universal Studios are where he landed. They provide wholesome hilarity for the whole family.
A special video is due previously rare "Danny Thomas" pilot for "The Andy Griffith Show" ("Danny Meets Andy Griffith," plus two bonus "Danny Thomas" episodes featuring Bill Dana as Jose Jimenez: "For Every Man, There's a Woman" and "Jose's Protégé").
The Love life of Barney Fife ("Barney on the Rebound," "The Farmer Takes a Wife," "Fun Girls," "Barney and Thelma Lou Phfftt!") Cute Little Opie ("Runaway Kid," "The Keeper of the Flame," "A Medal for Opie," "Opie's Rival"),
Mayberry Holiday ("Family Visit," "The Christmas Story," "Sermon for Today"),
The Best of Gomer ("Gomer the House Guest," "Citizen's Arrest," "Andy Saves Gomer," and "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."),
The Best of Goober ("Goober and the Art of Love," "Goober Takes a Car Apart," "A Man's Best Friend"),
The Best of Barney, Vol. 5 ("A Black Day for Mayberry," "A Deal is a Deal" and "Barney Fife, Realtor") and
The Best of "The Andy Griffith Show, " Vol. 3 ("A Feud Is a Feud," "Class Reunion" and "Prisoner of Love").
We also have the five-episode tape that contains the first five episodes of the series ("The New Housekeeper," "The Manhunt," "The Guitar Player," "Ellie Comes to Town," "Irresistible Andy").
And, we have some copies of the 10-episode tape, which contains: "The Loaded Goat", "Class Reunion", "Rafe Hollister Sings", "The Great Filling Station Robbery", "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man", "The Darlings are Coming", "Barney's First Car", "The Rivals", "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs", and "Mountain Wedding".

The First Three, The First Year ("The New Houskeeper", "Manhunt", and "The Guitar Player.")

The Education of Opie ("Opie and the Spoiled Kid", "Andy Discovers America", "The Rivals")

Mountain Music ("Rafe Hollister Sings", "The Darlings are Coming", and "Mountain Wedding")

Andy's Solutions ("Dogs, Dogs, Dogs", "High Noon in Mayberry", and "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man.")

Mayberry Has a Blast ("The Loaded Goat", "Class Reunion", and "The Great Filling Station Robbery")

Barney Knows How ("Barney's First Car", "A Wife for Andy", and "The Big House")

There are 8 one-episode tapes. (See the order form for their titles.) If you need descriptions of any episodes that you can't identify by their titles alone, your best bet is to check the episode summaries in the back of the Kelly, Pfeiffer, Harrison/Habeeb or Beck/Clark Mayberry books.
Reel ' em in while you can.