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EpisodeTitleActor First NameActor Last NameCharacter Name
123122The Fun GirlsGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
137137Goodbye Sheriff TaylorGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
142141Three Wishes for OpieGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
144144Goober Takes a Car ApartGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
146146The Lucky LetterGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
147147Goober and the Art of LoveGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
148148Barney Runs for SheriffGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
149149If I Had a Quarter-MillionGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
150150TV or Not TVGeorge LindseyGoober Beasley
151151Guest in the HouseGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
152152The Case of the Punch in the NoseGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
156156The Luck of Newton MonroeGeorge LindseyGoober Pyle
158158Opie and the CarnivalGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
161160Opie's JobGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
163161Andy's RivalGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
164162Malcolm at the CrossroadsGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
162164The BazaarGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
169165A Warning from WarrenGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
166166Off to HollywoodGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
165169Aunt Bee on TVGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
172170The CannonGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
170171A Man's Best FriendGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
173174Girl-ShyGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
175175Otis the ArtistGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
177177The Legend of Barney FifeGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
178178Lost and FoundGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
179179Wyatt Earp Rides AgainGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
180180Aunt Bee Learns to DriveGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
181181Look Paw I'm DancingGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
182182The GypsiesGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
183183Eat Your Heart OutGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
184184A Baby in the HouseGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
187186The Foster LadyGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
186187Goober's ReplacementGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
188188The Battle of MayberryGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
189189A Singer in TownGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
190190Opie's GirlfriendGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
192191The LodgeGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
195193The Ball GameGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
193195The Darling FortuneGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
199196Mind Over MatterGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
200197Politics Begins at HomeGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
197198The Senior PlayGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
202199Opie Finds a BabyGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
198200Big Fish in a Small TownGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
196203Goober Makes HistoryGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
205205Don't Miss a Good BetGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
206206Dinner at EightGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
212208Barney Comes to MayberryGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
207209Andy's Old GirlfriendGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
209210Aunt Bee's RestaurantGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
210211Floyd's BarbershopGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
208212The StatueGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
213213Helen the AuthoressGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
214214Goodbye DollyGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
216216Howard the ComedianGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
217217Big BrothersGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
218218Opie's Most Unforgettable CharacterGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
219219Goober's ContestGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
220220Opie's First LoveGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
224221Howard the BowlerGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
226223Andy's Trip to RaleighGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
222225Howard's Main EventGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
223226Aunt Bee the JurorGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
228227Tape RecorderGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
229228Opie's GroupGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
230229Aunt Bee and the LecturerGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
233231Howard and MillieGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
234232Aunt Bee's CousinGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
232233Suppose Andy Gets SickGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
235234Howard's New LifeGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
221235Goober the ExecutiveGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
237236The Mayberry ChefGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
236237Emmett's Brother-in-LawGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
239238Opie's Drugstore JobGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
240240Barney Hosts a Summit MeetingGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
242241Goober Goes to an Auto ShowGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
243242Aunt Bee's Big MomentGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
244243Helen's PastGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
245244Emmett's AnniversaryGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
246245The WeddingGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
247246Sam for Town CouncilGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
248247Opie and MikeGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
249248A Girl for GooberGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle
241249Mayberry RFDGeorgeLindseyGoober Pyle