Remshaw Painting

Welcome to the Old Remshaw place!!!

Remshaw Place


Mr. Remshaw has found it in his heart to light the way to the old Remshaw place with pumpkins carved to look like our favorite Deputy. Remshaw saw this baseball hunting trespasser as he was looking onto this world from the world beyond through that haunted painting above the fireplace. 

Sure does feel like them eyes are following you everywhere, doesn't it? Also, be on the watch out for a floating axe Barney said he saw when he was here at Remshaw's place.

WBMUTBB Chapter member Paul Mulik created a pattern so that you can join old man Remshaw in leading folks to your home with the lovable face of Barney Fife shining the way from his Barn-O-Lantern

We also have Floyd, Goober and Opie joining Barney with their own patterns (also created by Paul). 

Barn-O-LanternYour house will be the envy of your neighborhood this Halloween, or anytime, when you carve this Barney Fife, Floyd the Barber, Goober Pyle, or Opie jack-o-lantern...or all FOUR! 

These patterns work well when used with the PUMPKIN MASTERS carving kit. The kit, which includes carving tools and paper patterns, can be found at your local hobby store or Wal-Mart. For more information, visit the Pumpkin Masters web site at Please note that neither Paul Mulik (who made the Mayberry character designs) nor TAGSRWC is associated with Pumpkin Masters in any way.

These designs are not too easy, so if you are new to the pumpkin carving, it is strongly recommended that you try out one or two of the easier patterns before attempting one of these. They mainly just take time and patience and you'll be able to do one yourself.

You may need to change the size of the design before you print it, depending on the size of the pumpkin you're using. You can also print it first, and then change the size by enlarging or reducing it with a photocopier. 

Happy carving! It takes some time but it comes out looking really good! They'll each take you about an hour to carve the first time but you'll get faster as you get the hang of it. Give it a try!!

(To save the Pattern image, right click on the link to the pattern and choose Save Link As and then choose the hard drive location to which you want to save the file.) 

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