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George "Goober" Lindsey

One of the most love characters on The Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD, and later Hee Haw is George Lindsey. George is much more than "Goober Pyle" though. He has been a friend to children in need through his involvement with Special Olympics and he has been a friend to his fans by appearing at events all over the country and entertaining them as only he can. You can read a little about this wonderful mans life by reading this biography written by a student at University of North Alabama  (UNA) for teachers to use teaching their students about Alabama history.

George's latest contribution to the Arts is the George Lindsey Television and Film Festival held at UNA. George is an alumnus of and has an honorary Doctorate from UNA. If you're in the area, be sure to drop by and visit with Dr. Lindsey and his guests and tell him "hey." Here is a second site hosted at UNA for the Festival, don't miss it.

5th Annual George "Goober" Lindsey/UNA Television and Film Festival
April 18-20, 2002
University of North Alabama
Florence, AL
Call 256 765-4225

We did an interview with George last year before his first Film Festival and you can listen to it online using RealAudio. I know you'll enjoy hearing what George has to say. You'll also want to read is autobiography "Goober in a Nutshell" if you're a fan. George opens up and shares his life with us all in that book and it's good reading.