Have you wondered what the folks here on WBMUTBB look like? Well, here's a chance to see some of those folks in photos taken at the Squad Car Rendezvous '96 , Mayberry Days '96 , and Mayberry Days '97.

'98 Mayberry Squad Car Rendezvous
WBMUTBB folks at Wallys 98
In the photo above you'll find "WBMUTBB?" members:

Front Row (left to right): Paul Gilkes, Dale Robinson, Debbie Fisher, Kendra Knapke, Linda Blankenship, Sheridan Miller (kneeling), Ron Blankenship, Mary Toale, Susan Houze, Jill Shelby.

Back Row: Pat Coleman, Neil Coleman, Bruce Fisher, Jim Knapke, Rick Nelson, Bobby "the Beast" Hay, Bill Grella, Allan "Floyd" Newsome, Robert Shelby.

Not Pictured But Present: Jan Newsome, Jim Clark, Mike Creech, Noel Houze, Kathy Jo Stahl, Bob Scheib, Greg Akers, Becky (Owsley) McGuffin, and I'm sure I'm missing somebody. Let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Allan Newsome (
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