Thank you for your interest in starting a chapter of "The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club! Chapters have proved to be a fun and effective way for TAGS watchers to share their devotion to their favorite show. We currently have more than 1,480 chapters of the club in the United States, a dozen or so more founded around the world and one on the internet.

Starting a chapter is easy. All you need to do is submit your chapterís name with your location and a list of your founding members by e-mail (to Thatís all it takes!

The only restriction for chapter names is that no two chapters can have the same name. (A list of the chapter names that have already been chosen is here and you can print out the listing to save on-line time.)

Other than that, chapters can do whatever they like - as much or as little. We want chapters to "Taylor" their activities to what their chapter members desire. Some chapters are very active and meet regularly. On the other hand, we have some chapters whose members mostly just watch the show in small groups -- rarely having formal gatherings.

Some chapters sponsor lectures and other performances. Others have their own newsletters. Sometimes chapters have cookouts, costume parties, trivia contests or group outings. Of course, the most popular thing that members do is get together to watch episodes of the show.

Any kind of chapter is fine. TAGSRWC doesn't require its members to operate their chapters in any certain way. We have chapters of all sizes -- from two or three members to several hundred members. TAGSRWC administers its chapters about like Andy runs Mayberry -- with as gentle a hand and as few rules as possible.

Again, thank you for asking about starting a chapter.


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