Mayberry Crafts
Basket After

Mayberry Basket
Submitted by Pat Coleman from Chillicothe, OH
Member of the WBMUTBB Chapter

Basket Before

Side View
Side View

Back View
Back View

Modge PodgeMayberry Days Dinner Meeting Basket (or anything else you want to cover), Photos, Modge Podge, Sealant, paint brush (I used a sponge brush) & scissors. Modge Podge, Sealant & sponge brush are available in the craft section of Walmart, etc.

Plan ahead, you need to "build the design" from the background up. Lay photos out, overlapping and trimming where necessary. Photos do need to overlap each other so the design will be solid. Apply Modge Podge to area you wish to cover. Apply to back of photos & place on prepared area. Smooth pictures so no wrinkles will form. Keep applying pictures until entire area is covered. When dry, apply Modge Podge over entire area, making sure everything is sealed. Be careful not to apply too heavily. When dry spray covered area evenly with sealant. Let dry & enjoy. If you decide to paint the rim and handle of the basket, it might be wise to paint before applying modge podge and photos.