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Opie's Lucky Penny 

Opie's Lucky Penny
Submitted by Trisha Kern from Lebanon, VA
Member of the WBMUTBB Chapter

I came up with one that's sort of "tongue-in-cheek" but I thought you might enjoy it so I figured I'd share it with you. Here tis:

Opie's Lucky Penny
(or could be called Mr. Tucker's Lucky Penny)


  1. Several pennies (shiny ones are prettier)
  2. A railroad track

Take the pennies to the railroad track and place on the track a couple of inches apart. If you put them too far apart, they'll be scattered "high, wide, and handsome" after the train goes by and they'll be hard to find. Leave the area before the train comes.  

After the train is a safe distance away, return to the track and find all the pennies. That's the fun part. Just remember the spot where you put them originally. Each one will have it's own unique style and shape. Then you can give them out to friends and family.

The pennies will protect them in their travels. (That's not superstitious..that's just being cautious.) Be sure and keep one for yourself. If you're very creative you can drill a tiny hole in the penny and put it on a necklace or a keychain. Makes a nice anniversary gift and it's easier to wrap than a septic tank.

Hope you enjoyed that.

Trisha Kern
Emma at Sarah's