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Jim & Alice SchwenkeThe Maybery Texans ChapterSeptember 13, 1996

Sitting here in the County Clerk office while Howard is away has its advantages. Not only can we rummage through Howard's desk to read over his notes, but best of all, we get to open the mail. Some of it comes from Mayberry folks you might not have heard from in a while. So, with Howard's permission, we'd like to share a few lines with you:

Nurse Mary Simpson (Sue Ann Langdon) writes: "So glad to hear you Griffith Rerun Watchers are out there and that you remember Mary Simpson. Had great fun on that and again working with Don Knotts on 'Three's Company.' It was great being a part of a fine era of TV." Sue Ann has appeared at several film festivals where she is always warmly received, especially by TAGS fans.
Agent Heathcote (William Christopher), "Aunt Bee on TV": "Hello to all fans of 'The Andy Griffith Show!' They were great years for television." Christopher also appeared as Dr. Thomas Peterson in 'tA New Doctor in Town" before joining the M*A*S*H outfit.
Orville Monroe (Jonathan Hole), the Mayberry undertaker who had a TV repair shop in the back room: "Bless you all!" he wrote to TAGSRWC shortly after his 91st birthday in 1995. His note mentioned that he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art with Frances Bavier in 1923-24. A back injury forced him to retire in 1992, but his Mayberry humor is as sharp as ever. "Maybe, I should have stayed at TV repair," he quipped.
Harvey Bullock: (writer) " 'Opie the Birdman' and 'Mr. McBeevee' are among my favorites, too. But I would have to add 'Opie's Hobo Friend' since that was the first one I wrote, and Andy's approval of it led to my doing the other thirty."
Newton Monroe was the way Don Rickles signed his name when reminded of his line "I'm not inept. I'm ept!"
Evan Hendricks (Bobby Diamond) from "Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau" sent best wishes to all. He is an attorney now and enjoys oil painting. (Remem- ber him in the "Fury" series (114 episodes), in syndication under the title "Brave Stallions?")

My thanks to Jim Schwenke of The Mayberry Texans Chapter for letting us publish his fine newletter on the internet. If you enjoy this kind of information, let me know and I'll add to the notes that "Howard" has taken.

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