ANDY: See that nickel right there?
BARN: Yeah.
ANDY: Now, I paid ten dollars for that nickel. A month later a feller offered me fifty dollars for it. Wouldn't surprise me if I was to advertise I'd get, oh, a couple a hundred dollars.
BARN: For a nickel?
ANDY: Yeah.
BARN: How come?
ANDY: Well, they made a mistake at the mint. Look right here. See that buffalo right there?
BARN: Yeah.
ANDY: Facin' the wrong way.
BARN: Facin' the wrong way?
ANDY: Yeah.
BARN: Huh, and that makes it valuable?
ANDY: Yeah. I don't expect there's more than two or three in the whole country.
BARN: No fooling?
ANDY: Um Huh.
BARN: And it keeps increasing in value?
ANDY: Yeah. The fewer there are on the market....
BARN: And you say there only two?
ANDY: Two, or three at the most.
BARN: Ah huh..ah You wouldn't want to sale it, would ya'?
ANDY: Hum, you know somebody that wants to buy it?
BARN: Well, I might buy it.
ANDY: You might buy it?
BARN: Um huh. Couldn't give you know two hundred dollars..but I could give ya' fifty.
ANDY: Hmmm..
BARN: Seventy-five? Seventy-five's a deal?
ANDY: All right.
BARN: How about that? Thank ya', Andy. Let me just compare this with a regular nickel...HEY, ANDY! The buffalo on this nickel's facin' the same way!
ANDY: Let me see that rare nickel. Now, which ways the buffalo facin' on your regular nickel?
BARN: (Pointing to HIS right) Over there.
ANDY: There, you see. The buffalo on this rare nickel's facin' that'a way. (Pointing to HIS right.) Here, see.
BARN: (Walking around the desk) Yeah, yeah. I'll be darn..HEY, now mines facing the same way..DARN YOU, ANDY!
ANDY: Well, Barney, I's just tryin' to show you how easy it would be for you to get taken.
BARN:Well, I didn't think I's gonna get taken by my own friend, for heavens sake.