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I'd like to thank Bart Boatwright for the list of TAGS sister series ("Mayberry, R.F.D.") episodes and Dale Robinson for the air dates..

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Episodes: Season 1

Episode listed in order there were originally aired.
They were filmed in a different order and that order is shown in column two.

Number (as Aired)

Title Air Date Description
1 1 Andy & Helen Get Married 9/23/68 Andy & Helen Get Married & Aunt Bee Becomes Sam's Housekeeper.
2 2 The Harvest Ball 9/30/68 Sam writes a letter for Goober to Millie to invite her to the ball.
3 10 The Race Horse 10/7/68 Aunt Bee enters her horse Ginger Snap in a horse race.
4 4 Help on the Farm 10/14/68 Andy convinces Sam to hire two ex-convicts. Later they dissapear and so does the money from the cookie jar.
5 11 The Copy Machine 10/21/68 Mike gets a copy machine and the problems begin to multiply.
6 12 The Panel Show 10/28/68 Howard and Emmett appear on a T.V talk show
7 15 Youth Takes Over 11/11/68 The kids take over the adult's jobs on Civic Youth Day.
8 9 The Church Play 11/18/68 Millie updates the church play when she is selected to direct it.
9 3 Mike's Losing Streak 12/2/68 Mike wants to go to the baseball game, but Sam thinks he's irresponsible so he punishes him until the townspeople make him feel like a heel.
10 5 Sam gets a Ticket 12/9/68 Sam plans to fight a traffic ticket he got in Mt. Pilot
11 13 Emmett's 50th Birthday 12/16/68 Emmett becomes depressed when he reaches his 50th birthday
12 16 Miss Farmerette 12/23/68 Millie wins the title of Miss Farmerette in the county fair and an old agent friend wants her to go to Hollywood with him.
13 6 Sam and the Teenager 12/30/68 A teenager has a crush on Sam and he doesn't know what to do about it.
14 17 New Couple in Town 1/6/69 A writer and his wife move to Mayberry for inspiration, which prompts Goober to help.
15 18 Aunt Bee's Cruise (Part 1) 1/13/69 Aunt Bee goes on a Caribbean cruise and falls for the Captain of the ship.
16 19 Aunt Bee's Cruise (Part 2) 1/20/69 Aunt Bee and the Captain plan to get married, but then she has second thoughts.
17 7 Driver Education 1/27/69 Goober gets a job as a high school driving teacher, until he collides with the principal's car.
18 8 Howard's Hobby 2/3/69 Howard Collects coins. He meets a girl who loves to skydive, so he begins to take lessons in skydiving.
19 21 The Camper 2/10/69 Mike and Harold have a fight and claim their friendship is over, but still go on the annual fishing trip.
20 20 Sam the Expert Farmer 2/17/69 Sam feels embarrassed when his bean crop fails and Millie's is successful
21 23 The Pet Shop 2/24/69 Mike gets a job in the Pet Shop.
22 22 An Efficient Service Station 3/3/69 Goober has been ordered to clean up the station or lose it.
23 24 Emmett's Retirement 3/10/69 When Emmett retires he finds he has nothing to do, so he begins to hang out with his friends until he drives them crazy.
24 26 Millie's Girlfriend 3/17/69 Millie's girlfriend breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with Millie.
25 25 The Church Bell 3/24/69 The townspeople plan on buying a church bell that they can afford.
26 14 Sister Cities 5/12/69 Sam prepares to welcome Mexican officials from its sister city to the south.

Episodes: Season 2

Number (as Aired)

Title Air Date Description
27 31 Andy's Baby 9/22/69 Emmett, Howard and Goober want to be the godfather of Andy and Helen's new baby.
28 33 Saving Morelli's 9/29/69 Sam turns entertainer to save Morelli's restauraunt.
29 28 Howard the Poet 10/6/69 Howard's poem is scheduled to be published, now if only his friends would allow him to finish it.
30 30 Goober and the Telephone Girl 10/13/69 The gossiping telephone operator is causing trouble for Goober
31 29 Millie the Model 10/20/69 When Millie goes to New York, Sam becomes jealous and plans to follow her.
32 32 Mike's Birthday Party 10/27/69 Mike plans on having a 'no girls allowed' birthday party.
33 35 The Farmer Exchange Project 11/3/69 A Russian agricultural expert comes to visit the farmers.
34 37 The Caper 11/10/69 Howard robs the bank to prove Goober is not a good deputy.
35 36 The New Farmhand 11/17/69 Sam learns how to handle hero-worshiping Mike.
36 38 Palm Springs, Here We Come 11/24/69 Sam promises Mike that he can go on a trip to Palm Springs if he passes his math course in school.
37 39 Palm Springs Here We Are 12/15/69 The trip to Palm Springs is almost ruined by a fight.
38 40 Millie and the Palm Springs Golf Pro 12/22/69 Millie plans to make Sam jealous.
39 41 Palm Springs Cowboy 12/29/69 Howard tries to help a hasbeen cowboy star make a comeback.
40 43 Goober's Niece 1/12/70 Goober's 15-year-old niece pays him a visit.
41 42 Emmett takes a Fall 1/19/70 Emmett hires a talented teenager to help out in the store when he has an accident.
42 48 The New Well 1/26/70 Aunt Bee hires a dowser to find water using his divining rod, while Sam tries his scientific methods.
43 46 Emmett and the Ring 2/2/70 Emmett pawns his wife's ring to invest in the stock market.
44 27 Goober's Brother 2/9/70 Goober tries to become as well known as his brother, an engineer.
45 45 The Mayberry Road 2/16/70 Aunt Bee and her friends try to save some trees which will be destroyed when a new road is put down.
46 52 Milllie and the Great Outdoors 3/2/70 Millie joins Howard and Sam on a camping trip.
47 50 The Sculptor 3/9/70 A New York sculptor creates an abstract statue for the town, and nobody can figure out just what it is supposed to be.
48 49 The Health Fund 3/16/70 When Howard has an operation, his lodge gets upset when they are afraid that his medical costs will bankrupt their health fund.
49 47 The Mayberry Float 3/23/70 Millie and Clara compete for the honor of appearing as a pioneer woman on a parade float.
50 51 Aloha Goober 3/30/70 Everybody thinks Goober is going to Hawaii
51 34 Millie the Secretary 4/6/70 Millie doesn't know that her new employeers are actually bookies.
52 44 The Mynah Bird 4/13/70 Mike looses Howard's valuable mynah bird.

Episodes: Season 3

Number (as Aired)

Title Air Date Description
53 56 Emmett's Domestic Problem 9/14/70 Emmett's wife boutique shop. Emmett's "male" ego is hurt by her shop doing better than his.
54 53 Sensitivity Training 9/21/70 An encounter group comes to Mayberry
55 61 Goober's New Gas Station 9/28/70 A dinosaur bone is discovered under Goober's station, and any attempts to uncover the rest of the skeleton would mean wrecking the station.
56 57 The New Housekeeper 10/5/70 Sam gets a new housekeeper, a former Army officer.
57 59 All for Charity 10/12/70 Sam and Emmett help put on a show for the church.
58 54 Hair 10/19/70 Emmett tries to look young by buying a Toupee
59 63 Millie the Best-Dressed Woman 10/26/70 The mini-skirt hits Mayberry.
60 55 Howard's Nephew 11/2/70 Howard's hippie nephew visits him.
61 60 Goober the Housekeeper 11/9/70 Goober passes himself off as the owner of a big estate he is housewatching in order to impress his new girlfriend.
62 58 Millie's Dream 11/16/70 Millie is worried when she dreams something bad will happen to Sam.
63 67 Community Spirit 11/23/70 Goober, Howard and Emmett decide to paint Sam's house as a suprise.
64 62 The Harp 11/30/70 Cousin Alice, the housekeeper, takes harp lessons
65 65 The Bicycle Club 12/7/70 Middle-aged Emmett wants to join a young men's bicycle riding club.
66 64 Mike's Project 12/14/70 Mike's school project turns into a competition between fathers.
67 72 Howard the Dream Spinner 12/28/70 Howard becomes to hose of a local literary program and becomes attached to an anonymous girl named Melissa whom Goober and Emmett created.
68 68 Millie's Egg Farm 1/11/71 Milie starts her own egg farm.
69 69 The Kid from Hong Kong 1/18/71 Mike becomes the foster father of a little girl in Hong Kong
70 71 The Moon Rocks 1/25/71 Sam gets his friend at NASA to bring the moon rock to Mayberry so Howard can have a private showing.
71 73 The World Traveler 2/8/71 Emmett plans a cheap tour of Europe for his wife.
72 66 Goober the Elder 2/15/71 Goober is sent to jail in a gambling raid, just after Sam nominated him for church elder.
73 70 Alice and the Professor 2/22/71 Alice's harp teacher asks her to marry him.
74 76 Howard the Swinger 3/1/71 Howard moves into a swinging singles apartment.
75 77 Mike's Car 3/8/71 Sam lets Mike buy Goober's old car.
76 75 Goober the Hero 3/15/71 Goober gets lost in a cave.
77 78 The City Planner 3/22/71 The female city planner makes a play for Sam.
78 74 Emmett's Invention 3/29/71 A large company wants to buy the rights to Emmett's old invention.

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