The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

Commercial Appeal
Memphis, TN
February 12, 1995

A pair of Memphis teachers hosted a four-hour marathon showing of reruns of the Andy Griffith Show for about 20 Mighty Morphin kicking school children. Between episodes the teachers and children discussed the "unselfish love" displayed by the show's characters.

"Barney and Andy and Opie and Aunt Bee, they're all good examples of the different kinds of love people have," they taught. "Look how careful they are not to hurt Barney's feelings, when he's such a terrible singer; and how they don't want to hurt Aunt Bee's feelings when the pickles are bad; and how Andy apologizes to Opie when he's wrong. This is a way to present values, but we don't want to sermonize about it. We think the kids are too sophisticated for that."

The teachers believe that exposure to the kindness and charity of Andy & company will "nip the young people's cynicism (as in talk show?) in the bud."

Just when you were thinking our educators didn't know how to teach moral values!

Allan Newsome (
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