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Wedding Photo!!

This is a special photo for folks here at WBMUTBB. This couple was the first couple we know of that was married as a result of their meeting as members of our internet chapter! Here's a note from them to our chapter members.

Dave & Nanette DietmeyerI'm Dave Dietmeyer, and my new wife is Nanette (Schuhmann) Dietmeyer. We're the couple that met through the club this past April, started corresponding by e-mail, then phone calls, then we finally met in person in August, and we were married a couple of weeks ago on November 28th. Two weeks before the wedding Nanette flew to San Diego, where I was from, and helped me load a Ryder truck with all my worldly belongings. Then we put my Saturn on a trailer behind the truck, and drove to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, (in 3 days) where we are now living.

By the way, I'm 46, she's 45, and this is the first marriage for each of us! Anyway we promised you a wedding picture, so here it is. We wanted to thank you and everyone else in the club for your kind e-mails, support, prayers, and words of encouragement. We know God finally decided that we had been single and lonely long enough, and chose the club to get us together. We
thank Him and all of you on a daily basis.

Thanks again!
Your eternally grateful happily married friends,
Dave & Nanette Dietmeyer

The folks here at WBMUTBB would like to congratulate Dave & Nanette and wish God's blessing upon this wonderful union.

Allan Newsome (Anewsome@aol.com)
"Mother Figure" Chapter - Huntsville, AL &
"Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?"  - Internet