On this web page I will be showing some of the buildings of
Mayberry that were used in 2 episodes of Star Trek, the orginal
series. The Episodes are "Miri" and "The City on the Edge of
Forever". Both have some great glimpses of Mayberry that we
normally never see in a TAGS episode. This page will start with
images from the episode "Miri", If you wish to jump to images
from "The City on the Edge of Forever" episode, click here

Walkers Drugstore, One thing I liked about seeing the buildings
of Mayberry in Star Trek is that we get to see all of the building
from top to bottom. TAGS was shot mostly giving the illusion that none
of the buildings were more than one story tall.

A nice shot of the Mayberry Hotel. Notice that the railing is missing
that we normally see in TAGS episodes, giving access to the steps that are
blocked in TAGS.

Here is a shot we never see in TAGS. The Court house is on the left and
Walkers Drugstore is on the right. Again notice how much taller the buildings
are than we expect them to be after seeing them in TAGS for so long.

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