Here's something new that I thought would be fun to see. License plates that are TAGS related. These tags were sent to me by John and Mary Lock of the "Schwumpsters" Chapter up in Virginia.

Here's the tag from Jack Fellenzer's '65 Ford Mayberry Squad Car seen on our Squad Car Replica page.

Here's a tag submitted to us by Keith Brown of South Carolina.

Here is a copy of an advertisement that ran in The Saturday Evening Post back in February 1959. Jack Fellenzer and his wife Sue ran across this trivial triviality. Included in the ad were 1957 license plates from all 5O states.

In The Bullet Jack had this to say, "Much to my surprise, the North Carolina plate in the ad has the number JL-327, the same one used on the Mayberry squad car. Coincidence? I doubt it. I'm guessing that the propmaster was looking for an example of a North Carolina plate and spotted this same ad and used it for a model for the Mayberry squad car's plate."

Great work Jack!!!! You beat everything, you know that.

If you have a personalized Mayberry tag, send me a picture and I'll get it on the web.

Allan Newsome (floyd@iMayberry.com)
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