Mayberry Squad Car Replicas
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Below is page #1 of the replicas of Mayberry Squad Cars that fellow TAGS fans have taken the time to restore. I don't know who gets more joy from the cars, those that own them or those that have the chance to see 'em every year at the Squad Car Rendezvous (held annually in Bradford, OH) and other events. Enjoy the pictures and I'm sure they wouldn't mind hearing from you if you like their cars.

Squad Car Information
If you're building your own Mayberry Squad car, go HERE for some helpful infomation.

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This picture was sent to me by Dave Hollen from Glasgow, PA. Dave said this was a '63 Ford. Dave was the first to send me a photo of his car for placing on the WWW.
Here's a picture of a car once owned by Jack Fellenzer. A '65 Ford Mayberry Squad Car, it's a replica of the squad car Andy used in the 6th season of "The Andy Griffith Show". Jack even sent off to a North Carolina Ford dealership to get one of their emblems for the back of the car.
This is a picture from the '95 Mayberry Squad Car Rendezvous held in Bradford, OH. Some of the cars had already left before this photo was taken. As you can see, it truly is a squad car rendezvous!!!
Here's the Emmet's Fix-It Shop truck owned by the owners of the Mayberry Motor Inn in Mt. Airy, NC. Alma and L.P. Venable also have a replica of the squad car to go along with Emmett's truck.If you're ever passing through the Mt. Airy area, you can't go wrong with a stop at the Mayberry Motor Inn.

If you have a squad car replica, send me a picture and I'll get it on the web for all to see!! I know with all the work that go into these fine reproductions, you'll want to show off your baby.

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