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Gomer's Crossword Fill 'er Up
Folks enjoyed Emma's crossword so well that we figured we ought to add another one. This one was created back in 1993 by Lavell Hall. This puzzle first appeared in the October 31, 1993 edition of the TAGSRWC Newsletter, The Bullet.

Emma's Jaywalking Crossword
This terrific crossword was created by Sue Wilkerson, founder of the "I'm in It for Keeps" chapter in Albertville, AL. This puzzle first appeared in the January 28, 1995 edition of the TAGSRWC Newsletter, The Bullet. There is an "online" interactive version as well as one you can print out. Enjoy!!

Black & White TV: A song about Mayberry by Michael Cristoforo
Michael is an avid fan of Andy Griffith, and other shows of days gone by. He wrote this song Black & White TV as a tribute to the wholesome values that that show gave to it's viewers. (RealPlayer Basic is needed to hear the song)

Pages from the Past
I was looking though old files on my computer and I ran across old versions of the TAGSRWC web site. I enjoyed seeing how the site had grown and changed and I thought you might enjoy it as well.

The Taylors' Front Porch
This is a new addition of one of the original Mayberry sites on the internet. The Front Porch was originally on the website of but when that site closed its doors, the porch was gone. TAGSRWC has added our homage to all the work and effort Frank put into the old Porch. Our version is as close to the original as our memories would allow.

Mayberry Quote of the Moment
This is a new addition of one of the original Mayberry sites on the internet. On the site this was called "Quote of the Day." Since it actually updates everytime you view it, we changed the name but either way you still get a random look at about 100 different quote from Mayberry.

Mayberry Fan Fiction
Take a trip back to Mayberry and enjoy these wonderful stories written by fans of TAGS. Feel free to submit your own new story. We'd love to take and think and read your story. New story added, Raleigh Vacation.

TAGSRWC Chapters Listing
Folks are always asking what chapter is in their state and how to contact them so we've improved our TAGSRWC Chapter listing and we're adding POC information as well. If your chapter is listed and there's no Point of Contact email out there Email Me the name of the chapter and the email address that needs to be there.

Cast Member/Episode Title Database
We've been working on a new searchable database to help you find information about what actor played what character on what episode and it's finally ready!

More Than A Festival, It's A State of Mind
Story from Greensboro News & Record's writer Amy Wolfford about the Mayberry Days 2000 event before it happened. There's a follow up story by Amy below. Amy is also a member of the WBMUTBB Chapter. Way to go Amy!!

The Spirit of Mayberry Can Be Found All Over Andy Griffith's Hometown
Story from Greensboro News & Record's writer Amy Wolfford Mayberry Days 2000 and the people of Mt. Airy, NC. Amy is also a member of the WBMUTBB Chapter. Way to go Amy!!

Mayberry Crafts
Two great new ideas for you to create. We're looking for ideas of good craft projects for fans of The Andy Griffith Show. The year 2000 Daily Trivia Calendar that you can make yourself and a great Mayberry basket you'll enjoy making.

Mount Airy, NC
This page is all about Andy Griffith's home town. drop in to learn more about the "real" Mayberry.

Mayberry Days Reports & Photos
Here's your chance to read the reports and see some photos about not only past Mayberry Days but also the latest reports from this years event which was held the last weekend in September. Be sure to drop in and check out these wonderful reports.

Patrol Replica Building Information
If you're buliding a replica of the Mayberry Squad Car, this is a great place to visit to get information provided by others who have built replicas of their own. If you're not building one, it's still fun to visit.

Visit Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC)
The Chamber of Commerce in Mt. Airy has put together this great page with all kinds of information on the hometown of Andy Griffith. If you're planning a trip to Mayberry, here's where you can get your information.

George "Goober" Lindsey Television & Film Festival
Forget the Sundance Film Festival. Mayberry now has a Film Festival named after one of our own. Check out the press releases supplied to us by the University of North Alabama and Mr. Lindsey himself. Also check here for a report on "Goober's" trip to the Alabama Statehouse back in 1997. If you have Real Audio, listen to George talk about the first Festival before it happened.

Don Knotts Year Book Photos
Check out these great photos from Don's high school during his senior year!! Thanks to John Jenkins for sending us the photos.

Mayberry Days Photos
More great stuff from our friends at the Front Porch. Here are some great photos from Mayberry Days supplied to us by Brian Rose. Enjoy these little shots of Mayberry!!! (This link will take you to a Geocities web site.)

Count Istvan Teleky
Here's your chance to drop in and see if the Count can tell you what you're thinking. Give it a try!

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