Mount Airy, NC
the "real" Mayberry

Mount Airy, NC is the hometown of Andy Griffith and many say the fictional town of Mayberry, NC was based (in part) on this treasure of the south. Below, you will see links to all kinds of information about Andy's real home town and you can make up your own mind about Mount Airy being the "real" Mayberry.

Mayberry Related Events

Mayberry Days

Mount Airy's yearly celebration of all things Mayberry. Reports, photos, and trivia.

News Stories about Mount Airy

Adventure Sleeping

A stay in Andy's boyhood home sets off a search for the roots of the magical town of Mayberry.

In Search of Mayberry

If you're wondering about some of the things to see in Mount Airy, this story will help you out but it doesn't list everything.

A Visit to the REAL Mayberry

Visit Mount Airy, NC with the writer of this story which appeared in HomeLife Magazine's March 1999 issue.

Andy Griffith Museum

Here's a story that ran in People Magazine on August 5, 1996 about the Andy Griffith Museum located at the Welcome Center in Mt. Airy, NC.

Mount Airy is forever Mayberry

By Tom Chaffin, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Web Sites about Mount Airy

Visit Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC)

The Mount Airy, North Carolina Division of Travel and Tourism has put together this great page with all kinds of information on the hometown of Andy Griffith. If you're planning a trip to Mayberry, here's where you can get your information.

Mayberry Motor Inn

Great place to stay when you visit Mount Airy.

Andy Griffith's Homeplace

If you want to spend the night at a bed and breakfast in Mount Airy, this is THE place for any Andy Griffith fan.

Mount Airy News

The Local Newspaper.

Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce