Mayberry Squad Car Replicas
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Here are even more great looking squad car replicas for you to enjoy.

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Shawn Faulstich of Elwood,IN sent in this great looking replica! Look at the way the emblem is lighter than the car...just like on the show!
Here's the Squad Car built by Mike McColly of Indiania. He says that he's not pleased with the decals on his car but that it's in the works to have them replaced. Good job Mike!! Keep up the good work.
Kitty Horton's Squad Car This fine looking car is owned by Kitty Horton of Hurdle Mills, NC. It's a 1963 model and Kitty has a right to be mighty proud.
Kevin Kitterman's 1964 Galaxie Kevin Kitterman's 1964 Ford Galaxie Patrol Car replica.
Paul Mulik's Squad Car Paul Mulik (2 time winner of the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest) of Joplin, MO is the proud owner of this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan.
Ron Parker's Patrol car Van Buren County Iowa's Sheriff, Ron Parker, has this 1960 Ford Galaxy. He drives this car in local parades and car shows.

If you have a squad car replica, send me a picture and I'll get it on the web for all to see!! I know with all the work that go into these fine reproductions, you'll want to show off your baby.

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