Mayberry Squad Car Replicas
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Here are even more great looking squad car replicas for you to enjoy.

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1965 Patrol car This car belongs to Rich and Erica Martin of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa who recently completed restorations of this '65 Ford Galaxy Mayberry Police Car. They spent considerable time researching the exact specifications for the door badge decals and with some help from Paul Mulik, their design is as close to the original design as possible.

Quote from owner:
"Sign and Designs" of Mt. Pleasant, IA was nice enough to develope this logo and create the decals needed to scale. Also, we added a dealer sticker to the trunk lid that reads, MT. PILOT FORD, MT.PILOT N.C. He is able to send these decals to anyone that would like to have a very clean look to there car.

Ricky and Jeffery Carnes Car This car is a great one and Ricky (the hubby) and Jeffrey (the wife) Carnes of Canton, GA have a right to be might proud of them selves. This is a '62 Ford Galaxie.
Here's a few shots from the final year of the "Mayberry Squad Car Rendezvous held in Bradford, OH. It was a great event and we hate to see it go but we thank the folks that put the event on for the wonderful memories.
Quote from owner:
This car is a 1963 plain Galaxie, a strait 300 Galaxie, the correct trim level. The 500 and XL models were too fancy, too much interior and exterior chrome. The car has automatic transmission and 4 doors, all correct. I've played, paused, and took photos from videotape to accurately detail the car including the door decal from that particular year. Some years the decal was different. The only thing left to do is install the whip antenna and spotlight.
Steve Russell
Charleston, SC

If you have a squad car replica, send me a picture and I'll get it on the web for all to see!! I know with all the work that go into these fine reproductions, you'll want to show off your baby.

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